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Grupo Método
Consultora Global de Servicios Educativos y Proyectos Sociales.

Within the framework of the “DECO” Project Erasmus+ Program, we have just finalized a research aimed at knowing about the experience and valuation made by companies regarding the employment of young professionals. Its main objective was to identify the fundamental competencies that young people must have for an adequate adaptation in the labor market.

The investigation was conducted by Método in four countries – Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain – which are the project partners.

To this end, we interviewed a total of 50 corporate executives throughout Spain and from a wide range of sectors like: wholesale and retail trade, agriculture, livestock farming, hotel business and manufacturing business. For data collection and the statistical processing of information the tool used was the SurveyMonkey software.

The research carried out offers very relevant information about the difficulties in recruiting young people and the competencies which would be interesting to highlight in order to improve the qualification and recruitment.


  • Some of the main constraints identified in recruiting young people are: the need for developing key skills to increase work performance, low motivation to work, the expectation of high salaries and the lack of the necessary qualification.
  • The most important professional and personal qualifications for the businessmen are: ability to work in teams, ability to solve problems, efficiency, effective communication and proactivity.
  • In relation to the previous point, businessmen consider that the competencies that should be developed with the training programs are the ability to solve problems, the ability to work in teams and the efficiency.


This information confirms some presuppositions with which we have been working here at Grupo Método the past years, as a result of our permanent contact with companies and our constant attention to young people, evaluating its difficulties to access and promote in the labor market.

In the coming weeks, we will have the opportunity to contrast the results of this research with the ones obtained by our international partners in their respective countries, during a meeting that will take place in Sofia (Bulgaria) between the 1 and 4 July.

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