After Turkey meeting, DECO project faces its final stage

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Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

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Jacobo Santiago Amoedo

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The last week of June, from 27 to 30, we have been in the Turkish town of Kalkan on the occasion of the fourth and final meeting of the Erasmus + DECO project: «Key competences for career designing in cooperation with labour market».

At that meeting, which counted with the presence of eight partners from the four countries represented in the project (Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain), we have visited different institutions related to the topic of vocational training (vocational schools, centres offering internship for young people, volunteering entities, etc.) and we have presented the final products / tools obtained in the project of which Método has been the main contributor in both their design and development.

Thus, on the one hand, we have conducted a review on the most effective ways to use the Guidelines on key competences in vocational training schools (“Guidelines for career coordinators at VET schools for key competences training with cooperation with employers«).

While, on the other hand, we have presented the other two complementary tools to the Guide («Tips for Success» and «Communication for Success») and that proposes coordinators and teachers of vocational training a series of recommendations and successful experiences at a practical level in the educational field, addressing issues of especial relevance such as motivation, teamwork, creativity, organisation or communication, that enable VET students to increase their competences in these subjects and thus improve their employability and competitiveness in the labour market.

According to the future actions to be taken in the project (whose closing date is on the 31st of October), we have addressed the issues related to its technical and financial justification, as well as the organisation of the final dissemination events of the project, one of which will be done by Método before the completion of the project, where we must present the project, its objectives and results to a minimum of 30 people from the education and business area.

Finally, we have also taken the opportunity to discuss future joint collaborations, both for the presentation of the continuation of the project (based on the results achieved so far) in the next Call of ERASMUS + programme in 2017, as for other programmes related to the training and employment subject.

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