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Grupo Método
Consultora Global de Servicios Educativos y Proyectos Sociales.

Método has made possible the integral reform and adaptation of the new uses of the Novo Market in A Estrada, thanks to its technical assistance to the City Council of the Municipality.  

The Project forms part of the Axis 5 “Sustainable, Local and Urban Development” of the National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013 and has as main objective the integral development of the municipality of A Estrada, fostering the economic development, social cohesion, territorial balance and the environmental sustainability. Also, it has been confined by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the 2011 call.

The suggested intervention to achieve it has as its core the rehabilitation of the old municipal market, in the city centre in a dilapidated state and underused, promoting its preservation so it can accommodate the new uses and services demanded by the citizens. The Project has sought to establish in the building the food market of the municipality, a business incubator, a multipurpose center for the development of leisure activities, a playroom and a day care centre.

The new rehabilitated market has become a multipurpose center for the development of economic and social participation promotion activities, bringing together the interests of the traders with a market prepared and optimized for the sale of their products, with the interests of the citizens, through authorized spaces in the rehabilitated market for the development of leisure activities, family reconciliation and business opportunities.

Moore than four years have passed during which we have been working alongside an outstanding team of professionals of the City Council of A Estrada to tackle the different challenges that have emerged in the implementation of a very ambitious project in terms of its objectives and very tight in terms of its budget.

The City Council of A Estrada has made efforts to seek solutions and alternatives for solving setbacks that were holding back the development of the project and that endangered its correct execution, at the same time that Método has involved itself by proposing alternatives and advising on the election of those options that respected the requirements for its confinement.

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