Research on Youth Beliefs & Attitudes towards Entrepreneurship

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Grupo Método
Consultora Global de Servicios Educativos y Proyectos Sociales.

As partners of Become-Busy project (2017-2-EL02-KA205-003332) financed by the Erasmus+ program, Grupo Método and the rest of project partners have conclude the Research on Youth Beliefs & Attitudes towards Entrepreneurship.  The “Become Busy – B.B.” project has been created to empower young people by introducing entrepreneurship to them. Empowerment is based on the extensive use of ICT, by combining two very innovative fields for the benefit of young people: Youth Entrepreneurship and ICT.

This research has paid attention to:

  1. A) The real needs of young people about their entrepreneurial education,
  2. B) The existing beliefs / attitudes of young people towards entrepreneurship.

This knowledge will be concerned to the real needs of young people on entrepreneurial training and their existing knowledge on it, as well their existing beliefs / attitudes towards entrepreneurship. In other words, the two different parameters of the research are able to indicate the points that need to be strengthened, the current situation and the goals that we must set.

A total of 538 young people from Greece, Italy and Spain have taken part in this study; if you want to know what they have told us about entrepreneurship, and their training needs, you just have to click on the following link:

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